Learning  thru  Education, Adventure & Discipline


  • The whole objective of the L.E.A.D.program seeks to meet your needs in establishing the leadership that will help your group reach their potential and goals.
  • In this process we also seek to encourage independent leadership in  people so as to help them understand their place in the world and their effect on it.
  • We will ask you to share with us your concerns, needs and vision for your group in the short and long term.
  • We will then work with you to draft a course of action and activities which we will present in a workshop, camp or an activity session that will focus in on developing the skills that you'd like to see enhanced and/or refined for your members and your group success.
  • L.E.A.D. will also craft follow up programs that will continue to develop these elements and evolve them into supporting new challenges that you would like to address.

L.E.A.D. Camp 2017

We are planning a L.E.A.D. Camp session on Weds. & Thurs. July 26th & 27th, 2017, 9am-2pm. Cost is $125 per person and includes lunch each day.

Email leadcamps@comcast.net  to register or with your questions.

Living & Educating

David May & staff provide training in Life Skills and Real Life Problem Solving that help you learn & accomplish more.  

Adventure & Discipline

  • Checklist Formulation
  • Time Management
  • Situation Evaluation
  • Predicting Results